Dearest Mom ["Mrs. Ida"], I Pledge My Love From Life to Eternity and Yes I've Learned Proper Planning

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Dr. SaFiya Hoskins


The Murder to Excellence Project

The Murder to Excellence Project is a timely undertaking  to promote self-motivation and wholistic empowerment! The foundational blueprint derived from the life work and autobiography of Wallace "Gator" Bradley, a street wise Chicago native. Though a story of one man who succeed against great odds, the chronology of experiences reflect a community of men who live law abiding, respectful lives and define for themselves. Gator's personal admission of falling from grace, submission to God, repentance, redefining, restructuring, reinventing and persevering is a relevant example which others in similar circumstances have successfully subscribed and achieved. The Project is therefore purposed to encourage acceptance of one's personal responsibility to make a difference in the world starting right where you are today. The priority concept being to aid and assist in stopping the senseless killing of African Americans by other African Americans. Next, empowering one's self to embrace those formerly misdirected by promoting education and alternative education, advocating for job training and job placement resources, recommitting to support Black businesses and contributing to the maintenance of safe, thriving communities, thereby solidifying and cultivating wealth for our collective community by supporting and sustaining each other. It demonstrates that "out of many, one people" can stand together for the betterment of all! Join the journey ...

My dear young brothers and sisters, we at M2E want to reach out to help you to

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Dr. Cornel West

In the beginning: 1993

Still holding firm: 2014

Second Nuptials: Recommitting to Love, Life & Loyalty

Democratic Socialist

American Philosopher, Academic,

To GOD be the Glory . . .

At Reverend Sharpton's book signing, Manhattan's Barnes & Noble.

Rhymefest Radio Show (excerpt)

 Discussing our finishing touches in Washington, D.C.


First Nuptials: Unconditional  Love Nurtured Along The Journey

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